Tip of the Day


Tip of the Day

Toner Defect

Did you ever have a page come out missing a color on the side of the paper or in the middle. Or maybe have random spots on the pages. These problems could be all from the Toner Cartridge.

To see if the problem is a bad Toner Cartridge without replacing it you would need to take it out and look at the long rollers on it.

Now you can see if there is any difference in color. On this Toner Cartridge you can see that it is not as dense on the right hand side where the spots are occurring on the paper. Once you can visually see a defect like this one then change the Toner Cartridge and your problem should go away.

Not all Toner Cartridges are the same in every printer. This is a general tip for most printers.

Difficulty: Easy

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