Tip of the Day 9-30-2010 Phaser 6300 Repeating Defect 75mm


Tip of the Day

Repeating Defect of 75mm(2.91in) on a Xerox Phaser 6300

The other day A customer called in and described a problem they were having with a Xerox 6300 printer. The cyan color had a repeating defect and it was 75mm apart and in the middle of their documents. We went out to the customer and saw a print out. The top of their letterhead was a logo that was all blue and repeated down the page 75mm. All of the other colors were ok. According to the Xerox Phaser 6300 service manual, a repeating defect of 75mm(2.91in) is the Imaging Unit. So we changed the imaging unit and it did not correct the problem. The next part in line would be the Cyan Developer Assembly. We replaced the Developer and that solved the problem.

Part # 116201000.... $126

Difficulty: Hard

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