Tip of the Day 9-29-2010 Samsung ML and SCX Open Heat Error


Tip of the Day

Open Heat Error on a Samsung ML or SCX series Black and White Printer

Do you have a Samsung SCX or ML series printer that will not print or gives you an "Open Heat Error?" A customer brought a SCX-4826FN to our office. They had a problem that they could not print to the printer. We took a look at it, and when we turned it on you could hear a clicking noise like "Gears slipping" in the rear of the printer. We went to the fuser assembly and sure enough that was the problem. The lower fuser roller had melted to the upper roller and were stuck together. We ordered a fuser and installed it and after printing a few pages, it melted on me - just like the customer. Knowing that this is a problem that is related to the SMPS "Power Supply", we had to order a Fuser and the SMPS to fix the problem. Now the printer is up and running like new.

Difficulty: Medium

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