Tip of the Day 9-20-2010 Hp LaserJet 4,4+,5,5M Fuser Modification


Did you know that the HP LaserJet 4 fuser assembly will fit into a HP LaserJet 4+,5,5m. Also the HP LaserJet 4+,5,5m can fit into the HP LaserJet 4 by modifying the fuser assembly.

If you look at a screw driver pointing to the tip of the fuser assembly of the Hp LaserJet 4+, you will need to remove it. To remove the tip, you will need side cutters to cut it flush to the base as close as possible to fit it into the Hp LaserJet 4 fuser slot. If it doesn't fit, then you did not cut it close enough. See video and picture below.

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