Tip of the Day 10-5-2010 Hp LaserJet 4000 Input Jamming


Tip of the Day

Hp LaserJet 4000 Input Jamming

We had a customer location drop a HP LaserJet 4000. They told us that it would not print at alll. When we put it on the bench and printed a configuration page it jammed comming right out of the tray and stopping at the seperation roller. That led us directly to the feed rollers. So we replaced the feed rollers(RF5-1885.) One is in the tray at the front of the printer and the other is inside the printed in the middle right about the cassette tray.

To replace the roller in the tray is to open the latch on the left side then you have access to the clasp on the roller to remove it and slide on the new roller and make sure the roller clicks into place. Also close the roller access door and make sure that clicks into place. If you do not close the access door the whole way and try to pull the tray out it might become stuck and will have to take apart the printer from the tray assembly. To remove the other feed roller inside of the printer you need to just pinch the clasp and slide it to the left and out of the printer.

Hp LaserJet 4000 Error 13.1 Paper Jam
Difficulty: Easy

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