Tip of The Day 10-15-2010 Hp 4,4+,5 Drum Drive Assembly


Tip of the Day

Hp LaserJet 4,4+,5 Drum Drive Assembly

Did you ever have a constant rear paper jam or here a grinding noise on a Hp LaserJet 4,4+,5? The most likely cause of this is broken teeth on the Drum Drive Assembly where it mates with the Fuser Assembly.

To see if the problem is a bad Drum Drive Assembly you need to open the back door and remove two screws securing the fuser assembly and remove it by lifting up slightly on both sides and pulling straight out towards you. After removing the Fuser Assembly you can see the gears of the Drum Drive Assembly on the left side of the printer looking from the cavity of the fuser.

Now you can see if there is any broken teeth. The teeth you can clearly see are broken on the top of the right Drum Drive Assembly.

If there is then you need to replace it and we would also check the Fuser Assembly by manually spinning the gear on top with your hand and if it rotates freely then it is most likely still good.

Difficulty: Medium

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