Repair Your Printer Now

Answers to Your Printer Repair Problems
By a Printer Consultant. Free.
Yes, Really.

Have you ever wanted to Repair Your Printer Now and have access to your very own free printer repair consultant? Or can you identify with one or more of these common situations?

  • Your new printer used to run like a NASCAR winner. Now it's a soapbox derby loser.
  • My printer never jammed; now it jams on every other page.
  • My pages are not coming out clean.
  • Your printer stops printing. How can that happen? Is there a way to get it to print again?
  • This doesn't have to be you....

    There is hope, and you have found it! Repair Your Printer Now gives you the answers you need, based on hard-learned experience acquired from years of solving these and other printer related problems. We have been repairing printers since 1984.

    What's the catch?

    There is no catch. We just love being your printer and plotter consultant. I am so overbooked, I should hire 10 employees. But then I'd be running a business. And that's not me. If you have a color printer, that is not a problem. We do it all.

    So I decided to have some fun, put a cape on my back, a big RYPN on my chest and become....

    Repair Your Printer Now

    Ok does this look like you?

    Look like you.   You are just getting ready to leave  from your office for the day, but before  you go you want to get ahead for  tomorrow morning. So you need to print  out a report for your meeting. You send  the print job to the printer but the  printer doesn't spit any paper out.  Instead you see the message "Error 13  Paper Jam." So much for getting ahead.  Now it looks like you might be staying  late to fix your problem with the printer.